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I received my diploma today for which you were so instrumental. You restored my confidence and understand the stress and enormity of the demands placed on doctoral students. Thank you for providing comfort through it all.

- Susan D. University of Connecticut, Yale Hospitals 


Experiencing High levels of stress is common when writing a Capstone, Thesis, or Dissertation. We can help you overcome the many psychological hurdles involved with completing a Thesis! Begin with considering the following: 

  • Mindset: The greatest cause of stress is the belief that one's ability is fixed and unchangeable. In reality, learning is fluid. Shifting your mindset from "fixed" to "fluid" is essential for surviving the thesis or dissertation experience
  • Time Commitment: On average, 9 years are spent to confer a doctorate, inducing tremendous social, family, & financial conflict. Thesis coaching can help significantly.     
  • Topic: Your choice of topic should be relevant enough to hold your attention. Choose a subject which you already have practical knowledge and with which you are familiar.
  • Complexity: A complicated sounding research study does not indicate intelligence or knowledge. Keep your thesis, capstone, or dissertation simple, manageable, and clear
  • Diplomacy: Avoid writing about a subject that can cause tension with committee members or employers. You get more mileage practicing neutrality. 
  • Math Anxiety: Quantitative studies typically require less time and fewer resources than qualitative studies. Understand the options and reduce stress in the long run.
  • Health. It is critical to be attentive to your health. Try your best to keep a healthy diet, get sufficient rest, and share time with those who support your efforts.

Dr. L.D Molina has written an easy to follow research guidebook to help non-traditional students minimize the stress of writing a thesis proposal or independent study plan. Available on for $10.95 (softcover) and $4.99 (e-book) ISBN-10: 1491774797.  

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